Gaylord Soli


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“Color is a primary focus. Each shade has a quality that must be explored for its own distinct beauty, before being joined into a larger symphony.

It is my responsibility to preserve what comes out of that meeting, much as a composer preserves on paper the sound of their music.

It is in the finding, organizing and arranging of color that beauty, freshness, and meaning come together.”



In considering the work  of any artist it is worthwhile to know something about the origin of their ideas. In the case of Gaylord Soli, it is his intention to create artworks which explore certain primary influences. These influences, while diverse, share a common quality: the direct expression of elemental experience.

Gaylord’s artistic influences include the works of Picasso, Tamayo, Aurbach and Hans Hofmann. Cultural influences include:  Minoan, Aztec and African cultures, including traveling through Mongolia, Pakistan, Iran, and the Amazon basin. Personal experiences include automobile restoration, contemporary fashion design and printmaking, which have resulted in a fusion of primitive art, culture and personal experience.

Earth elements are more evident in primitive cultures than in more sophisticated environments. The presence of such direct contact with these elements has left its mark on Gaylord’s work, especially in the palette he uses. The manner in which he trowels, punctuates, layers, and scribes the surfaces of his works shares a kinship with primitive artistic processes.

Abstract from William Havlicek